Little Fish


The Chicago premiere of Michael John LaChiusa's Little Fish is "an oblique parable for urban life after the terrorist attacks of September 11th." At its center is thirty-something writer Charlotte, who decides to give up smoking and begins swimming to compensate for the lack of nicotine. With the help of her friends Kathy and Marco, Charlotte moves forward and backward in time, only to discover that she has spent her life running away. The musical is loosely based on Deborah Eisenberg's short stories "Flotsam" and "Days," and features an eclectic score of Latin, rock, jazz, and what has been described as "the pure urban noise within Charlotte's mind." With humor and honesty, Charlotte comes face to face with a decision between isolation and connection, between running away or facing the realities of the life in front of her.

Creative Team

Allison Hendrix
Kory Danielson
Music Direction
William Carlos Angulo
Michael John LaChuisa
Music, Lyrics, & Book

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