Loving Repeating Costume Sketches

Behind the Scenes of Loving Repeating:
Costume Design Sketches & Inspiration

Ensemble Men/Women [Slides 1-4]: Throughout the show, we’re exploring the ways we can both play into and disregard the ‘norms’ of gender and sexuality in the eras of Gertrude Stein. The base looks for the male and female ensemble will bring in more tones of masculinity (eg, ties/vests on the women), and the color palette is drawn from these two Picasso paintings.

ALICE B TOKLAS [Slide 5]: We will see Alice and Young Gertrude age throughout the play; Alice was always very up-to-date with the current French fashions, so we will see her move through the years with femininity and style.

YOUNG GERTRUDE [Slide 6]: As we see Young Gertrude age, we will see her embrace the larger, more shapeless looks she came to wear later in life. She rejected the corseted, feminine fashions of the later eras, opting rather for mobility and practicality. Some would say she dressed almost as a cleric in later years; long, loose garments.

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