Loving Repeating Lighting Inspiration

Behind the Scenes of Loving Repeating:
Lighting Design Inspiration Images

Within the show, we are playing in three worlds – the ‘present’ with Gertrude Stein near the end of her life, a ‘realistic past’ of memories between Young Gertrude and Alice, and an abstract world that lives in full theatrical pieces being played out. The lighting inspiration also falls into these categories –

(Photos 1 & 2) Gertrude’s realistic ‘present’ is inspired by and articulate through the designs of her atelier at Rue de Fleurus 27, Paris. This is the home she and Alice shared for much of their life together.

(Photo 3) Realistic Memories: the moments that we see play out between Young Gertrude and Alice will have a sense of desaturated richness. Deep and soft colors that have been faded over time.

(Photo 4 – 7) Abstract Theatrical Moments: Here we embrace the full color palettes of the painters Stein knew and collected – particularly inspired by Matisse’s ‘Woman with a Hat’ and Picasso’s reds. These photos are the paintings overlaid on real photographs of Stein and Toklas, representing the way our three worlds will continue to interact throughout the play.