It is 1928. The world is between wars, the stock market is booming, Berlin is the center of high life and optimism rules the day. Underneath it all, much is happening at the elegant Grand Hotel, where the lives of its eccentric guests intersect over one defining weekend: a fading prima ballerina; a fatally ill Jewish bookkeeper who wants to spend his final days living in luxury; a young, handsome, but destitute Baron; a cynical doctor; an honest businessman gone bad and a typist dreaming of Hollywood success. Based on Vicki Baum's 1928 play and novel Menschen im Hotel (People in a Hotel) and the subsequent 1932 MGM feature film, issues of life and death, financial ruin, love and murder all converge as people come and go through the lobby of the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hotel
closed at Theater Wit
on May 27, 2018.


“THREE AND A HALF STARS” — Chicago Tribune

FIVE STARSChicago Reader


3 Jeff Award Wins:

  • Best Performer in a Supporting Role
    – Michelle Jasso as “Elizaveta Grushinskaya”
  • Best Performer in a Supporting Role – Jonathan Schwart as “Otto Kringelein”
  • Best Costume Design – John Nasca.

2 Other Jeff Award Nominations:

  • Best Musical
  • Best Choreography


John D. Glover

Robert Wright 
& George Forrest

Music & Lyrics

Alexander Ridgers
Lighting Design

Rachel Flesher
Violence & Intimacy Design

Emily Boyd
Paint Charge

Cam Turner
Assistant Choreographer

Keith Ryan
Hair & Wig Designer

Aaron Benham
Music Direction

Luther Davis

Michael Patrick
Sound Design

Lindsay Brown
Production Manager

Brian Estep
Assistant Costume Designer

James Kegel
Master Electrician

Zach Schley
Assistant Technical Director

Brenda Didier

Jeffrey D.

Scenic Design

Johnny Buranosky
Props Design, Assistant Director

Lina Benich
Stage Manager

Nicolas Scafa
Costume Construction

Patrick O’Brien
Sound Engineer

Maury Yeston
Additional Music & Lyrics

John Nasca
Costume Design

Eva Breneman
Dialect Coach

Zach Barr
Assistant Stage Manager

Cameron Broderick
Assistant to the Costumer

Alan Weusthoff
Technical Director


Nick Arceo

Erik Dohner

Parker Guidry

Daniel Hurst

Michelle Jasso

Jennifer Ledesma

Jenny McPherson

Hanah Nardone

Darren Patin

Shea Pender

Jeff Pierpoint

Pavi Proczko

Jerry Miller

Liz Norton

Maurice Randle

Jonathan Schwart

Leryn Turlington

Jeremy Trager

Rachel Whyte

Travis Austin Wright

John Cardone

Jake Ganzer

Laura Sportiello

Hana Christenson


Photos by Michael Brosilow.