We are thrilled to announce auditions for our upcoming production of Grand Hotel! Auditions will be held by invitation in August.

To be considered for this production, please email your headshot and resume as a PDF to If selected, you will be contacted by us with audition material and a scheduled time.

All roles currently available. We strongly encourage actors of all gender and racial identifications to submit materials; for roles where ethnicity is not indicated, character can be played by any ethnicity.

Book by Luther Davis
Music and Lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest
Additional Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Directed by John D. Glover
Music Direction by Aaron Benham
Choreography by Brenda Didier

First performance: April 15, 2018
Anticipated closing: May 28, 2018
Location: Theater Wit


Colonel-Doctor Otternschlag: Male-Identified, 30s-50s,, narrator of the play. A cynical, ruined man, grievously wounded by gas and shrapnel in World War I.

Hermann Preysing: Male-Identified, late 30s-50s, the General Director of a large textile mill. An honest businessman slowly descending into illegal compromise as his company drifts dangerously toward bankruptcy.

Flaemmchen: Female-Identified, early 20s, a young woman with theatrical ambitions but weighed down with a dark secret. She longs to escape her limited existence and get from Berlin to Hollywood.

Otto Kringelein: Male-Identified, late 30s–early 40s, a mortally ill bookkeeper from a small town. He is a faithful employee who has cashed in everything for one last chance at life.

Baron Felix Von Gaigern: Male-Identified, 20s-30s, a charming, athletic, young man-about-town. Optimistic, yet broke. Down on his luck, but struggling to keep up appearances.

Raffaela: Female-Identified, 30s-40s, the confidante, secretary and dresser to Grushinskaya. Passionate and devoted, she is secretly in love with her employer.

Elizaveta Grushinskaya: Female-Identified, mid 40s to mid 50s, a world-famous Prima Ballerina making her eighth farewell tour.

Erik: Male-Identified, 20s-early 30s, an intelligent, young assistant concierge, ambitious, about to start a family.

Chauffeur: Male-Identified, early 20s-late 30s, Algerian gangster posing as a chauffeur. Violent, tough and threatening.

Sandor: Male-Identified, 30s-50s, a passionate theater impresario of a failing ballet company.

Rohna: Male-Identified, 30s-50s, hotel general manager, a martinet.

Witt: Male-Identified, late 30s-50s, old friend of Grusinkaya’s and company manager of her ballet troupe.

The Two Jimmys: Male-Identified, late 20s-early 30s, nightclub entertainers from North Carolina and South Carolina, comedic and very charismatic.

Bolero Couple:
The Countess: Female-Identified, an exotic and mysterious hotel guest, blind. Excellent dancer.
The Gigolo: Male-Identified, romantic hotel guest, devoted partner of the Countess. Excellent dancer.

Madame Peepee: Female-Identified, any age, Lavatory Attendant who despises the frivolous ways of the rich.

Zinnowitz: Male-Identified, 30s-50s, an attorney in Berlin of somewhat questionable methods.

Trude: Female-Identified, early 20s, a maid and friend to Flaemmchen. Has high aspirations of going to America.